Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY 70's style chairs



I recently picked up these four chairs at state sale.  I was swooning over them as soon as my eyes caught the orange color on the lawn.  I got these four chairs for a six dollars!! I was in a bidding war with another person and I was like I will pay twenty bucks for these chairs so you better back off now... just kidding but I did say it in my head.  I just thought they had so much potential and I am in love with the new life I have breathed into them.  I plan on using these chairs for around my kitchen table which I am currently in the process of redoing as well.  Lately I have been quite the DIY guru :)

How to:
I used steal wool to get as much of the rust as I could off the the chair legs.  I then spray painted the legs a metallic color to give the appearance of a clean metal.  Then I sanded and roughed up the plastic chairs so that the spray paint would adhere better.  Next I spray painted the chairs (needed about 3 good coats).  Lastly I put black leg covers on all the bottoms to finish the look and to protect any floor they should touch.  

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