Thursday, June 20, 2013

Los Angeles and Santa Monica

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles stars and footprints were really cool to finally see up close instead of on a TV screen.  That part of town was obviously very touristy so my brothers and I blended in great ;) Before we hit up Beverly Hills we went to Pink's for lunch.  As you can see in the picture we had all American food that was absolutely delightful.  Beverly Hills, oh my gosh that place was beautiful and ritzy.  We saw so many crazy expensive cars and drove up to the The Beverly Hills Hotel to snap some photos till the valet guy gave us the stink eye and we peeled out of the parking lot.  Santa Monica was our next stop in which we walked the board walk, took in some street performers, and watched the waves crash to shore.  Our last stop of our already packed day was a LA Dodgers game.  I had never been to a baseball field other than Great American in Cincinnati so I had no idea what to expect being at the Dodgers stadium.  Their stadium was HUGE and on the very top of a hill so it overlooked the city of Los Angeles. The Dodgers won on a wild pitch in which the guy on third base stole home.  It was pretty great for my first non Reds game and they even had fireworks after the game.  The fireworks were literally better than some 4th of July fireworks I have seen ha! After this day ended all four of us face planted into our beds.  Thanks for a good time Santa Monica and Los Angeles.        

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