Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, Long Beach, San Diego, and Laguna Beach


1.) Celebrating good news
2.) Mocha and Salty Carmel ice cream 
3.) Wise words of Dax Shepard 
4.) Baseball 
5.) Interview Outfit

Long Beach your vintage and retro style had me at first glance.  Art and unique shops lined the downtown area.  I was able to pick up a small piece of art at one of vintage fab stores (getting it on the plane and home in one piece was a challenge but I accomplished it).
San Diego was probably one of my favorite places we went in California.  It felt homie like everyone living there was living the simple life and in no rush to quicken their pace.  Talk about relaxing.  When we got close to the ocean we started climbing all over the rocks.  I am not sure there is anything better than the wind blowing your hair and seeing waves crash into the rocks sometimes splashing water all over you.  If San Diego did not already have all these pros going on, they also had seals GALORE!  You could see the seals swimming in the water close to you, sunbathing on the rocks with their friends, and hear them talking to each other.  I have never been that close to an animal that big that lives in the ocean.
Laguna Beach was where I think I did the most physical hiking challenge of my life thus far.  My siblings and I hiked "To the Top of the World" which is up hill the entire way and I swear most of the hills were straight vertical.  I was that girl all hunched over on the side of the road out of breath pep talking myself to continue walking.  When we finally made it to the top, I did a couple of fist pumps because it was worth all the hard work I put in to see the view.  Laguna you tested my limits but you are okay in my book :)    

Even though California week is over, I hope to visit again soon and do this all over, sharing the new adventures I went on!