Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joy in the ordinary

Currently I am a feeling what the photo above expresses.  I sub everyday and then going straight to my second job once school ends.  I feel like I have to stop periodically throughout the day and have a good laugh with the kids or embrace the craziness of working at a ice cream shop when it is 80 degree weather all week to appreciate where I am in my life currently.  I am having a hell of a good time and learning things I never did while I was in college.  My days blend into one another and I literally shut my eyes while eating lunch today because my body and mind were just plain tired.  Even though I feel as if I am constantly in motion, I have taken to embracing the joy of my everyday ordinary because it is what keeps me going throughout the entire work week.  I am making each day count because I know sleep will come eventually and I will regain enough energy to keep powering through and working hard like it is going out of style.    

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