Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A wedding in North Carolina








On Friday at eight thirty sharp my parents wanted to leave for North Carolina.  Eight thirty turned into eight forty-five and finally we were on the road.  We had not been driving on the road for more than a half hour when the snacks were opened up and somebody asked to stop for the bathroom.  Road trips are made up of snacks and bathroom breaks at least in my family.  As we entered into West Virginia my dad turned on the radio and there was a breaking news report that a tanker truck had crashed and spilled gasoline on the bridge that we needed to cross.  The guy on the radio said it would be a ten hour wait...my dad was not about to wait for ten hours.  We asked for alternative directions which lead us up the side of a mountain passed a persons house with a deer head hanging from their backhoe and various no trespassing signs.  After we had been off-roading it for approx. fifteen miles we miraculously came out in front of the tanker accident on a vacant highway back on track to getting to our wedding destination. Real fun.  Once we finally arrived at our hotel, we got Mexican and margs and the long eight hour drive and deer head incident seemed like it never happened.

Wedding Day: The wedding did not start till five-thirty so what better way to use our time than take a scenic walk and hit the area mall.  The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was sitting in a hard wooden chair waiting for the ceremony to start.  The whole wedding was exquisite and similar to how I would picture my own wedding.  To make a long story short, we danced, ate grits, drank pink ladies, and laughed till we cried and maybe peed a little.  North Carolina you treated us all with the up most southern hospitality thanks a million for a good time!

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