Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My good friend Vera

I am not one to get up super early or stay up to wait in line for Black Friday sales but for some reason I do it for Vera.  My friends and I got to the Vera Bradley outlet sale Sunday morning at 2:30am.  We sat in our folding chairs with blankets and waited and waited for a good seven hours.  At 7am the security started to let people in the building and out of the cold to get ready to line up at the entrance of the warehouse doors. The doors did not actually open till 10am so we waited some more.  The amount of people in line is absolutely outrageous and the flow of people never seemed to stop but yet I was one of those crazies in line.  There is something so exciting about having a good place in line and not knowing what kind of deals await beyond the doors.  When the security finally releases the roped off area it is sheer madness.  Each person is handed a large garbage bag to stuff as much merchandise as they choose.  I kid you not people have their arms lines with bags up to their elbows and dump full boxes of merchandise into their bag.  There is actually a money limit of what a person can spend because people will literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars.  I think everyone should attend an event like this just for the life experience and get wrapped up in the madness that seems magical at the time.  Staying up all night and day and being dead tired the next day, you would think would turn a person off after they experience it once, but speaking from experience I am already thinking about going back next year.  I think I am kind of addicted to the craziness.  

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