Thursday, April 4, 2013

Men's fashion

Jeans: Forever 21, Sweater: Gap, Vest: JCPenny, Shoes: American Eagle
I know it is not just me but isn't seeing a guy with style a day maker.  I know that a guy that can dress himself, and that not meaning an old t-shirt and jeans, is a super attractive quality to me.  My brother allowed me to take some impromptu photos of the style he was rocking when we went shopping.  He likes to be up with the trends and wear patterns and prints that maybe not every guy would wear.  I like to see guys wear clothing that is unique because to me it makes them interesting in their own little way. To me, it seems like I can sense their personality in the way they dress before anything is ever said.  Come on guys step up your fashion sense because the Europeans are eons ahead and let me tell you when I was in Europe I never saw an ill dressed male and I basically swooned over. every. one.

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