Monday, April 29, 2013

I am a walking Gap billboard

Jeans, Shirt, Jacket: Gap, Shoes: Payless, Sunnies: Loft
I have this obsession with Gap.  I am pretty sure there is not one outfit post I have done where I have not worn an item from Gap.  I do shop at other stores but it seems that Gap always has classic, well made pieces that fit me.  Recently the Gap at my local mall closed.  Tragic!  I am still in recovery over the loss.  I now have to travel at least an hour or more to a Gap so when I do make the trip I seem to pick Gap Outlet stores and on a weekend when they offer a 30% discount.  It is embarrassing but I don't miss many 30% off deals because I shop mostly clearance racks so when the items I am already buying are marked down, and I get another 30% off when I get to the counter,  I feel I have hit the savings jack pot.  Another embarrassing thing is that I literally get jittery and antsy in the car as I am driving to Gap because I am so excited to shop there.  I am pretty sure I could not be more of a nerd.

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