Monday, March 4, 2013

What one wears to go car shopping

Jeans, Shirt, Jacket: Gap, Scarf: Pacsun, Boots: DSW

Yesterday I went car shopping, looking really and man oh man it is hard to find a good deal for my budget.  I know nothing about cars except that I don't want a traditional looking car if that makes any sense.  I am drawn to small suvs because I think they are cute (see that's my extent of car lingo) and can hull something if needed in the future.  After about the first car lot we had to stop and get snacks because car shopping is kind of like going to a drive in movie, a lot of sitting and looking, snacking is inevitable.  Car shopping with snacks makes the whole process a little easier when you see price tags that make you want to fall over, just stuff a couple combos in, it softens the blow ;) 


  1. Oh man, car shopping is the worst! It makes me so mad, to have to haggle with the salespeople just to get to actual retail price!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. Yeah it was the worst but hopefully a deal will come my way :)