Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday and I get to spend all day in the library

1.) A classroom I subbed in had a toaster oven so I slapped my pizza on the pan as fast as I could when I got the okay to use it
2.) My sister who now lives in California saying that her 55 degree weather is comparable and chilly when I have to look at snow on the ground
3.) I was deleting a ton of messages out of my inbox and forgot about the background I had chosen.  Take me back to the Olympics pretty, pretty, please.
4.) Made a delish salad for dinner
5.) I love a good train wait especially when I get see intricate graffiti

It is Friday and I am subbing in the library.  Pretty sure it is going to be the ultimate sub gig because not only am I completely smitten with books but I think I will also get to snag some time to read on my own.  At least that is what I keep telling myself, I am sure there is way more to the job than I think but for right now I am stoked.

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