Saturday, March 23, 2013

High 5 for Friday on Saturday...Whoops

1.) Got the bridal shower invitation from my friend
2.) Went to a job fair
3.) Smoothie date with a good friend
4.) Finished this book.  Thank god it is a three book series so the story really hasn't ended yet
5.) Best parfait and muffin I have ever had!

Wow this week has been busy.  It probably shows since I have not been on the blog scene and I am late on my H5FF post.  I was completely consumed with this job fair I attended in hopes of making connections with schools for a future job.  I went with one of my closet friends who I have not seen in a couple of months.  After we made it out of the job fair alive and the weights lifted off our shoulders we of course hit the mall for some bargains and ended up getting massages ha! It was needed after a high stress and nerve-racking day.  We ended with a smoothie and chat session.  The best thing about our goodbye was that I could say see you next weekend because it is her bridal shower I will be attending.  


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