Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book talking

Skinnies: Target, Shirt: Gap, Cardi: Tommy Hilfiger, shoes: Steve Madden, Scarf: Germany

I am currently rereading my all time favorite author, Sarah Desson's book This Lullaby.  I follow her on all social media and everything she posts and writes I fan girl over.  She seems so real and raw and a person that would be my best friend if I knew her in real life.  This particular book has one of my favorite character's (basically tied with Wes) who goes by the name Dexter.  He is goofy and sweet and has all the characteristics I would like in a guy.  After reading the book, a person can't help but have a soft spot for Dexter.  I will fan girl over Sarah Dessen all day because she is brilliant.  One day I hope to be able to go to one of her book readings, definitely on my bucket list.  



  1. Cute outfit! Loving your scarf and flats!
    Visiting from the pleated poppy! Would love for you to visit my blog!


  2. Thank you for stopping by and commenting :) I feel like I have a lot of scarfs but for some reason I always opt to wear this one ha!