Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Surprise plaid and a yellow cardigan

Button down and cardi: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Pants: Gap Outlet,
 Shoes: Target, Watch: NYC & Company, Sunnies: Germany
Who does not like a surprise plaid cuff when the rest of the shirt print is small flowers? It is just all to perfect and fun for my liking.  If I popped my collar there would also be plaid under there, but collar popping is not for me.  I would like to take a moment to just take in my yellow cardi.  It is perfection.  I have being wearing it nonstop, to the point where I have to put thought into the people I have been around so they don't think it is weird that I somehow keep showing up with this bright yellow cardi.


  1. we just about have matching cardigans! i love the color and love it layered like that!

  2. Hey you're right!! Great minds think alike :)