Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday! You're looking beautiful have you done something new with your hair?

1.) Day old curls turned into a volumized pony
 2.) Backwards S's melt my heart and notes like this
 4.) Purchased these cuties for a whopping $9.00
5.) I am way excited about my new phone case. It had
been too long since I purchased one I truly liked

This weekend I have a whole lot of nothing going on.  So I will most likely do lame stuff like clean, catch up on tv shows, paint my nails, and read....actually that sounds quite lovely. I will also be wearing my new 9 dollar pair of shoes EVERYWHERE.  See you all Monday when I am well rested :) 


  1. Stopping by from H54F!
    That is the cutest note ever. And those shoes are awesome. I can't believe they were only $9! What a steal!

  2. I know right!!! I about choked up when the kid handed it to me. Best 9 dollars I have ever spent!! Have a great weekend!!