Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free time mixed with some wrinkles

Leggings: Khols, Shirt: Old Navy, Cardi: Tommy Hilfigure Outlet,
Scarf: Germany, Boots: Target, Sunnies: Loft
Disregard my wrinkled shirt.  I did my best to cover it with a cardi and a scarf but they can only cover so much.  I probably should not admit this, it will only give you an idea of how much free time I have had this past weekend/week.  I have read four books in the past five days.  None were educational in the slightest but for some reason I felt my brain was benefiting in some way.  I am pretty sure I am one of the only students who looked forward to SSR time in school and actually would hide my book in my desk while the teaching went on teaching the lesson long after time was up.  Guilty, guilty, guilty. 


  1. I love this outfit from head to toe!

    Stay Warm!
    -Rekita @ Her&Nicole

  2. I love it..wrinkled shirt and all. I always check out a few that stand out from the Pleated Poppy and when I saw your pic, I thought, "Hey, that could almost be me!" Love your bun, too. =)

    1. That was such a sweet comment that totally made my day!! I am glad this outfit stood out for you while browsing WIWW. In all honesty I just threw it together and didn't really think about it because it was semi warm outside and I was in the mood to take blog pics :) Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!