Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The things I can do when I don't even try




On the days where I literally have nowhere to go I have the best hair days.  I was just messing around with my hair and then wahh-la I constructed this creation that I instantly fell in love with.  I like the loose look and the fact that this is two day old hair.  I think dirty hair works much better for tucking, twisting, tugging, and pinning.  My hair was braided and then slept on before I touched up some of the crimp to give my hair some body with a three barrel curling iron.  I used a brett and pushed up the front part of my hair to get some volume (bobby pins could create the same look).  Then I gathered all my hair loosely at the nape of my neck and twisted the hair into a loose bun.  I bobby pinned the hair around the bun to secure it to my head and than took a few stands near my ears down to soften the look even more.   This style took me about five minutes to put together and is great style for slept on hair, a day when you are running late or when you just don't want to mess with your hair.  

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