Friday, January 4, 2013

Raise your glasses it's Friday



1.) I went bowling and managed to get a strike or two
2.) My friend got married and they had a photo booth...the more props the better?
3.) I picked these earrings up shopping with my brother
4.) Bananas and peanut butter as a snack YUM
5.) I played in a euchre tournament with high school friends that turned out to be more fun than I thought 

This weekend my family and I are headed south to Cincinnati to visit my sister at her apartment one last time before she leaves for California.  I cannot wait to soak up the time we all have left with my sister.  I am sure she has a whole agenda planned for us because well that is just how she is.  Now all I need is to get through this work day so I can enjoy my weekend.  Cincinnati I am coming for you!!! 

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