Thursday, January 3, 2013

Braving the cold

Jeans: Gap, Sweater: American Eagle Outlet, Coat: Sister's, Necklace: Khols, Boots: Payless

Winter is literally the death of me sometimes.  When I wake up I have all these great plans and lists made up in my head and then I look at the clock and it is noon and nothing has been done.  I feel the cold weather totally affects my feelings and motivation.  I have great aspirations of running outside and walking to do my errands around town and then I think about how I have to get bundled up and then freeze the entire time and snuggle back under my covers.  I need to get my act together because for one I need to try and be as productive as I can each day and two I NEED TO WORKOUT  like extremely bad.  Come at me Thursday I am ready.

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