Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hallmarks's book section


I am a lover of books.  I am that person who will just pop a squat in the aisle and read book flaps, sniff the pages, and read a couple more pages while other customers awkwardly shuffle around me.  I can't help it I get sucked in and can spend an hour looking at books before I even know how much time has passed.  That is what happened in Hallmark the other day.  I went in to look for a cute gift for my teacher and I wound up completely off track and focused on myself in the book section.  The books above sparked my interest and I almost broke down and bought all three before I knocked some sense into myself and refocused my attention on my original task.  I did make it out of Hallmark with a gift for my teacher and part of it was a book...my favorite.    

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