Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday favs

1.) I cannot stop wearing my Kate Spade bangle.                2.) I can't stop making plates
My siblings sure know how to make me feel

3.) Hot chocolate with actual chocolate shavings            4.) I take my eyes off my brother for 1 minute  
                                                                                                 and I find he has put all my belts on

                                                 5.) I finally got to use my new stylin' coffee cup

It is Friday and there is snow outside!!! I have an ugly sweater party to attend tonight with some friends from high school.  I am looking forward to all the food and fun but mostly to just chatting and catching up.  We are all so busy so when we do get the time to hangout there is always so much to say.  My sister officially comes home for the holidays today so that makes me beam from ear to ear as well so obvi this weekend is going to be GRRRR-EAT!


  1. love your bracelet! and that belt picture is too funny!

    1. I want to purchase about 3 other Kate Spade bracelets and yes when I saw him with all my belts on I cracked up! Have a great holiday season!!