Monday, December 3, 2012

Eat, shop, eat, shop, and eat again



This is how shopping goes for me.  Start off the morning fueling the body.  Then move on to the actual shopping process followed by more refueling and then more shopping.  I first started off the day at the Coffee Emporium, my favorite coffee shop in the area and then headed to the outlets.  After my credit cards were off to the races my mom, sister, and I made a stop at IKEA.  Every time a person goes to IKEA if they don't get a fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, they are not fully living.  A person could spend all day in IKEA but we managed to get out in an hour (obvi we have been there a time or two).  We all did not stop moving till eight at night after we successfully went to Busken bakery and Penn Station.  Can you tell we like to eat? Thank you Cincinnati for once again showing me a good time.  

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