Monday, November 19, 2012


Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet, Cardigan: Gap Outlet, Jeans: H&M, Belt: Target, 

Lately I have been getting caught off guard by my emotions.  When I was at church with my family yesterday, I saw one of my students and just about lost it right their in my chair.  Not sure why, but when I saw them I just thought about how I was going to leave come December 5 when my student teaching comes to a close.  I have been pushing it out of my mind for awhile because I have become attached to the little cuties I get to see everyday.   Then later that same day, I was texting my friend about graduation and how far we have come since meeting each other freshman year, and I sat on my bedroom floor and had a little happy cry for myself and the person I have become.  I am hoping that I can rein in the emotions in the near future but sometimes they just hit you and you have to let it flow out and thats okay too.   

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