Monday, November 12, 2012

Trip to the outlets


This weekend I finally had a Saturday off from work (only because I specifically requested for it off) so of course I had to spend it with friends and do a little shopping.  I am not sure if the Christmas shopping season has started already or if people were cashing coupons but it was a packed house.  I was able to pick up a knit sweater and a blouse at American Eagle, a pair of khaki pants at Gap ($8.00!!!) for work,  and a couple of other items.  If I could be a personal shopper for anyone, even if I just bought their groceries, I would be in heaven.  I just like shopping period. The outlets were a success and a smashing good time was had by all and what's even more smashing is that we topped off our day with authentic BBQ.   Yes, YES Y-E-S!

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