Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The payoff

Jacket: Gap, Jeans: Gap Outlet, Shirt: New York & Company, Shoes: Payless, Sunnies: Loft

My Life the past couple of weeks:

  • Wake up, go teach cuties who make me laugh and smile
  • Come home and fill out job application, on job application, on job application 
  • On really bad days I have to spend seven hours after school at my hotel job...fifteen hour work days are not for me
  • Sleep for what seems like four hours, to hear my alarm sound and repeat this schedule over

I hope all this hard work pays off in the long run because sometimes, when I have a moment to myself, I think the struggles I am going through are shaping me as a person and making me more grateful for what I am able to accomplish and what still lies ahead.   


  1. cute jacket!


  2. Hard work always pays off! But I hear you, I have trouble with that whole 'patience' bit, too. But hey, in the meantime you're looking cute! Great blazer.

  3. For the longest time I could not figure out what kind of shirt I should wear under this blazer, but thank god for my sister and her suggestion of the all black. Your guys comments totally brightened my day and made me feel good that I will at least look cute when I finally get a job hahaha!!!

  4. I love that jacket! I've been looking for a similar one for a while now but haven't had any luck :(

    1. I have actually not seen any blazers with stripes on them on many shopping trips I take, so I guess it was my lucky day when I stumbled upon it!! Good luck on your search, I am sure there is an amazing blazer out there just waiting for you to buy it :)