Tuesday, November 27, 2012





I am in serious need of Google+/Picasa advice.  This past weekend I went to upload photos to my blog and there was not enough space left so I clicked on the link that came up and deleted my photos to make space for new ones.  The only issue now, is that I have these lovely black squares with white ovals on them where all my photos on my blog used to be.  Is there anyway to reverse this? I AM IN SERIOUS PANIC MODE.  I fret I may have to start from scratch.  If anyone can offer me some insight on the situation or advice on what I should do next I would greatly appreciate it.  More.than.you.would.ever.know!!!!!!!

One good thing is that the items above are the goods I purchased on Black Friday.  If all else fails, I will just stare at my lovely new wardrobe  pieces and paint my nails.  Sounds like a great way to forget about my troubles ;) 

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