Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween traditions

Year one 
 Year two 

I know it is November 1st but I had to share and besides pumpkin things last until Thanksgiving time.  I have two brothers I swear.  The oldest of my younger brothers is busy with football at college so he cannot come home very often in the fall.  This pumpkin carving sibling tradition is going on its second year and I don't see us giving up on it anytime soon.  The whole pumpkin carving event and fall festivities that take place the entire weekend give me a taste of childhood and leaves me with a giddy excitement.  First, the four of us pick out our perfect pumpkin, then drag it back home, google clever pumpkin carving designs, and then create master pieces.  So above is what my brother, sister, and I came up with this year.   

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