Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday five

  • My brother came home for the weekend
  • Finally the grocery store had my favorite chocolate, drizzled popcorn on the shelves 
  • Did my civic duty
  • Got second best at work in booking reservation
  • Wore this to school...not sure why I have never thought of this vest and shirt combo before
This weekend I am headed to an outlet mall with my friends from school.  Not sure how it worked out but I got an email from both Gap and Banana Republic giving me killer coupons to use this weekend only.  I cannot wait to spend the whole day with my friends, find bargains, and eat out.  

It's the weekend so celebrate :)


  1. love the vest and shirt! and your iphone case too!!

  2. Love your outfit. :) Adorable.
    And congrats on voting! I wish I lived in a swing state--here in Texas, my democratic vote doesn't really count, ha.


  3. I am pretty sure this vest/shirt combo will be in high rotation for my wardrobe. I am actually on the market for more cute iPhone cases so hopefully I can find one up to my standards hahaha!

    It is funny because being from Ohio I am like yeah nothing too exciting here but for the election it was definitely cool to be so important :)