Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday favs

1.) Little DIY I did on my nails
2.) Homemade apple pie in the cold weather
3.) Proudly rocking my brothers college. Go Roos!
4.) SNOW DAY!!!!
5.) Could not resist picking up this brownie when I went into Bob Evans 

Is it just me or has this entire week just dragged on for eternity? I think maybe the day off I had threw off my whole week, but I was so productive that day that I don't even care.  My youngest brother is coming home this weekend which means all kinds of good home cooked food and treats.  It will be nice to not be the only child at home for a few days.  Happy Friday everyone :)  


  1. I love snow days! too bad I have to drive an hour to get one. i guess it could be worse!

  2. Love your nails, and the brownie/pie looks so good. Do share ;)

  3. Thank you all for making my day! you really know how to build a girl up :)