Friday, November 16, 2012

Cheers to Friday



1.) Homemade chili...yes please
2.) Tutoring session with the sweetest fourth grader I know
3.) Sweet blueberry wine is to die for.  New favorite.
4.) Adorable flower pens that all my students want to use
5.) Hiding knick knacks when I need to de-clutter 

This weekend is all about getting organized.  I need to sort out papers and binders and reorganize all of my school materials.  I have to put my portfolio together for my final project as an undergraduate student (gasp!) so I will probably spend every break I have today in the copy room making sure I have every paper I need to get my binder in order.  I am not sure I could lead a more exciting life.  At least I still have some of my blueberry wine left :) Happy Friday people!

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