Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black and Teal

Shirt: New York and Company, Skinny Jeans: Gap Outlet, Shrug: Gap, Shoes: Macy's

I think I had one of the most productive days of my life yesterday.  My students were testing the whole morning (I could not help because it had to be done by a certified teacher and I do not get my license till December when I graduate) so I just busied myself with preparing my lesson plans and materials for next week AND I got it all done!! Hello weekend of freedom, well beside having to work both Saturday and Sunday.  I love those days where you can cross off more than half of your to-do list, which happens to me almost never.  So to reward myself for a steller days work, I went to purchase a pair of sunglasses off of the Loft website (I have been pining over them for awhile) and they wanted to charge me 9 dollars in shipping..UMMM no thanks, I settled with a pat on the shoulder and a verbal good job, which is not as good as a new pair of sunnies but I  did save myself 25 dollars.

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  1. that teal vest is so cute! and I love those shoes!!!

  2. Love love love how simple this looks. And kudos to you and your to-do list! Also, you must have some serious will power- I would have said yes for the shipping, LOFT is my weakness!

    Stopping by from the link up...
    Understated Classics

  3. Loving the pop of color!

    xo Niki

  4. It's so amazing how you can transform a basic outfit with a pop of color and animal print shoes! LOVE IT! Visiting from WIWW :), and now following your blog!


  5. I love a simple black outfit with a pop of color and fun shoes. Sometimes going the simple route can allow you to be creative and funky with the accessoriesand make more of a statement. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting :)

  6. I love the black with the teal. The vest is super, super cute!

  7. I am kind of a hoarder of vests haha they can be worn in any season so the versatility is extremely appealing to me :)