Friday, October 26, 2012

Ahhhhh Friday

1.) Dove chocolate and their inspirational sayings 

2.) Read this adorable book to my students

 3.) Classic french braid for a quick, cute look when running late

4.) All this paperwork is getting me closer to graduation

5.) Trick-or-Treat

The best costume I saw.  Homemade and clever are always the best.

My friday is filled with Halloween parties where I get to indulge in fun activities dealing with all things spooky and fall themed.  On the party menu for the party is shredded chicken sandwiches, carrots and dip, chips, and punch.  Talk about a knock out way to spend my Friday afternoon.  Knuckle me Friday. Boom!

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  1. cute braid! i am 24 years old and still do not know how to do it!


  2. omgggggg that is the cutest costume ever!!!! I've never seen the nerds yet but lovin' it as a pair!!

    and your braid is perfection :)

    Found you through the H54F link!! Happy Friday! xo, Bev

  3. I just recently learned how to fish-tail braid via pintrest and it is SOOO easy and not really like braiding at all you should try it :) Ummmm yes that was by far the cutest and most creative costume of the night and I had to snag a pic!

  4. love your braid!! and what a cute costume! i love it!

  5. Thanks there is nothing better than throwing your hair in a braid on a bad hair day :)