Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Trash is my Treasure

About 6 months ago I found this old sewing table on the side of the street at school.  It was early in the morning and the street that my apartment was on, was lined with all kinds of trash (must have been spring cleaning) and I spotted this gem across the street from my car. I hauled this baby all the way back into my apartment with my bare hands.  It was crazy heavy and my roommates thought I was an absolute loon but I did not care I knew this table had potential.  I am slow moving when it comes to DIY projects but once I started this table project I got so excited and motivated to see what the finished product would look like.   

Here is how I created this lovely grey table:

1.) Find an old table that needs a face lift
2.) Take all screws and hinges out of table
3.) Sand twice: once with the lowest grained sandpaper than second with the highest grained
4.) If the table is a dark color or has dark wood, paint a coat of white before the first layer of what you want as your final color
5.) Pick a color and paint your table.  I used spray paint because I think it is easier to paint an even coat.
6.) Find fun handles to add some spunk and uniqueness to the table
7.) Reassemble all screws/hinges if needed
8.) Find the perfect place for your new and improved piece of furniture   


  1. I love finding furniture at goodwill to revamp! But items on the side of the road is even better! Great find and I like what you did with it!!

  2. Since updating this table I am very much into doing more DIY projects so I will definitely be checking out Goodwill :) Thanks for stopping by!!