Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Since 1996 and still good

Yesterday on the Today show, Matchbox box 20 performed on the Summer Concert Series and I was reminded how much I love their music.  The first CD I ever got was Matchbox 20's Yourself or Someone Like You, which came out in 1996.  Everyone knows some of the best music was produced in the 90's, just think back, there are some real classics.  I remember listening to the song Real World and the whole CD on repeat with my sister for an extended period of time. Today, Matchbox 20 is dropping their new album called North and I cannot wait to snatch it up.  Whenever I hear any of their songs tons of memories of when I was younger come flooding back and let's be honest front man Rob Thomas is pleasing to the eyes.  I am sure I will have North on repeat just like I did back when I was first introduced to their music and I cannot wait to be under the Matchbox 20 spell again.     

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