Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stranger danger

Wow last night was a total roller coaster of events.  I had to go to a seminar on campus so that means that I had to drive an hour and a half to attend.  As soon as I pull into my parking space I know something is wrong with my car.  I know nothing about cars so I thought maybe since I had been driving with my gas light on for awhile that maybe this was a sign that I needed to fill up sooner rather than later.  So after seminar I get back in my car and head to the gas station hoping that filling up my tank will solve all my problems.  It didn't.  So I call good ole dad and tell him that I basically have to flinestone it when I break for my car to slow down just a smidge.  He tells me to go to Walmart and see if they can look into the issue on short notice.  I go to Walmart and see a sign posted on their door of the auto shop that they are closing at 6PM (I arrived at 5:30) I tell the guy at the counter my issue and he proceeds to tell me that they can not get me in or even look at my car.  Thank the lord for AAA!!! Except they made me wait 3 hours for a tow truck whomp, whomp, whomp.  I had to switch tow trucks because the first guy that took my car could not go out of the county.  I then had to sit sandwiched between the tow truck drivers girlfriend, their baby and their dog.  It was really a grand time...not.  Throughout the whole towing fiasco, I was lucky enough to have my really good friend Brandy stay with me the entire time.  We sat in her car and chatted so it made it seem like I was not waiting as long.   She even drove me to the new towing location where my car had to be switched to another truck because the first tow truck guy looked super sketch. What a gem!!! This whole headache to my night was totally worth it though because I finally got to be reunited with my best friends!   We had a great dinner and they even surprised me with a cake for my birthday that is next week.  There is nothing I would rather do than chat with the people pictured above because they keep me grounded, make me laugh my head off, and give killer advice.  So thank you ladies for a splendid night even though I ended up sitting in between a family of strangers :)

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