Monday, September 10, 2012

Hanging at the docks

Jeans: H&M, Shirt and Cardigan: Gap Outlet, Shoes: Target

Hey Thanks:
- To the costumer who left me a 6 dollar tip (that A LOT for an ice cream shop) you have no idea that you totally made my night
- New York and Company you totally came through for me with having the most perfect melon colored necklace for the dress I will be wearing for a wedding this coming weekend
- Small children who were selling lemonade for 25 cents on Saturday.  You made me break into a smile that used all my face muscles.
- Weather for cooperating all weekend when you looked and threaten with rain the whole unpredictable thing you!
- Music, currently matchbox twenty for keeping me sane these past couple of days not sure if I could have made it without you.   

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