Thursday, August 9, 2012

Zippers, print, and a burning car

Yep I purchased those glasses.................PSYCH.  
Quite interesting though probably will have the guys 
chasing after me for days.   
Shirt: Sears, Capris: Gap, Shoes: Payless, Watch: Walmart
I love the zipper detail, it is a nice switch
 up from the regular cuff
Yes that is a burning car.  We were live on the 
scene as it broke out. Flames were just roaring from 
the hood of the parked car.  It was also surrounded
 by four other cars that caught on fire too.  I feel bad for
 the owner of the Benz that I saw melting tough bullet
to bite.  Luckily everyone involved was safely inside the mall.  

Well what do you know I am posing with more 
ice cream (that's genuine happiness folks) thank you Grater's.  

This week I went to Columbus to have a well deserved shopping trip with two lovely ladies that I went to Germany with.  We have not seen each other since we hugged goodbye at the airport luggage claim  back in June.  So we started out at Barnes and Noble and made our way through the mall cashing in on  deals.  We enjoyed each other's company so much stayed until the mall closed.   Successful trip I'd say. 


  1. I love your top!! I love everything leopard print.

  2. Thank you!! Yes, anything animal print I am wearing haha!