Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I did this summer: Prague

Doesn't get anymore precious than a boat crusing
down a little channel between two old buildings 
Streets of Old Prague 
This is not a postcard...I actually took this photo :)
I happened to witness the most precious family
moment: The mother and siblings pushed their father,
who was in a wheelchair up the steep cobblestone
street so that he would not miss out on seeing the
 castle and view of the city below at the top.  I about
 shed a tear no joke it was such a beautiful moment. 
I legitimately walked 50+ miles
all over Prague in these sandals 

First night in Prague 

One of the best things I ate on my trip.
Deep fried dough slathered in nutella that was
melty from the dough coming right out of the oil.  
Prague castle entrance 

Soaking in Prague with my roommate :)

Ahhhh Prague! I am not sure I can rave enough about this beautiful place.  I traveled to Prague on my long holiday weekend and was there for three full days.  Our group had a little trouble getting there but after we ironed out the wrinkles (could not find our hostel, our rooms were not ready when we got to the hostel, the guy checking us in at the hostel spoke no English...it was grand) all the complications were totally worth it when I finally saw the breathtaking sights of Prague.  The city was romantic and had me hooked as soon as I strolled into Old Town Prague.  The amount of adorable cafes and pubs that Prague had was enough to keep anyone entertained.  Most streets were cobblestone and lined with shops, hotels, and restaurants with old age character  and architecture.  Prague is a very touristy area, so most places were crawling with people but that made it even better which sounds odd but trust me!  My neck hurt at the end of the day because all I did was constantly look around at people, sites, oh and making sure I did not get hit by a tram , bus, or train.  Seriously Prague had the BEST transportation.  Each person in our group bought a three day transportation pass which allowed us to ride the subway trains, trams, and buses whenever we wanted.  I wish I would have had more time to explore Prague because I felt rushed to fit everything in my three days.  Without a doubt I would go back even if it was for one second, to stand on top of the Old Town square, town hall building, to see the view.  

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