Monday, August 20, 2012

What I did this summer: Germany

Wittenberg, Germany 
Berlin Bear (represents the people of Berlin)
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany
In front of the German government building
Climbing the Berlin wall
There subways do not have separate cars
but instead it is like one giant hallway
Cool art by Check Point Charlie
Busiest train station in Germany
Playing cards with my friends at the coffee museum  
Good company in Leipzig 
The architecture in Germany is amazing 

This summer I got the opportunity to travel to Germany for a month through my college.  During the trip I took two academic classes and traveled throughout Germany.  I was able to see many cities, Berlin, Leipzig, Erfurt, Eisenach to name a few.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I caught the travel bug.  I am trying to save money to get back to Europe and explore the many beautiful sights they have to offer.  I would love to visit England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Denmark, Austria, and Netherlands.  If you are ever given the opportunity to travel abroad TAKE IT because you never know when, if ever, you will get the chance again.  


  1. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to visit other countries. Maybe I can do that after saving enough money to do so. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) YES you must travel abroad it is like nothing else and something everyone should experience once in their life!! I hope you make it happen in the future:)