Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is how I shop

I get most of my clothing from Gap/Gap Outlet.  They have great quality clothing as well as more "grown up" clothing for the work world.  Many of the pieces I get at Gap I can dress down for the weekends so it makes getting clothing there a win win.  I feel many people think that Gap is too expensive so they do not even step inside the store.  It can be expensive, but if you go straight to the sale section they can have some killer deals!  All of the clothing above is from Gap sale section.  The day I happened to be shopping, there was an extra 30% off discount on all the sale items so I ended up getting these items for even less!!! Talk about a good day :)   My shopping philosophy is to spend a little more money on bottoms than on tops, and to get quality clothing that is not super thin or will  shrink after washing it one time.  I normally do not spend over 10-12 dollars (sometimes I even think that is a lot haha) on a top because they can be interchanged often and can be a fad of the moment.  Bottoms are more important because they are staple items in the wardrobe.  Bottoms are much harder to shop for as well so when you find some that fit good buy them.  It will be worth the extra money in the end.   Bottoms need to fit correctly and be practical to make an outfit look polished and complete.           


  1. Those Prices are Awesome!
    I need to go to a outlet mall soon!

    - alixandriabeauty.blogspot

  2. Outlets are my favorite place to shop but I actually got all of the clothes in the picture above at regular Gap, on the sale rack of course ha!