Wednesday, August 22, 2012

German pants...and more photos from my trip

Shirt: New York & Company, Pants: Boutique in  Germany,
Shoes: Walmart, Earrings:Urban Outfitters

As you know by now I traveled to Germany this summer.  It is amazing how different and trendy the Europeans are.  These are what I call my German pants because when I was there, these type of pants were all the rage.  They could have a crazy pattern or just be a solid color but either way I saw women wearing these type of pants everyday.  The pants are incredibly comfortable but have this flare about them all at the same time.  These pants are one of my favorite purchases I made while in Germany.  It was nice to bring back a big piece of their fashion to the states.  

Here are a few more photos from my trip:

Found my favorite American author's books translated into German 
Found this hilarious tile  in one of the bathrooms at a cafe

Ferrero Rocher gelato  
Castle entrance 
Posing with a total cutie
Train ride to the Berlin Olympic Stadium  
Inside the Berlin Olympic stadium which held the 1936 summer games


  1. Post Idea: Can you please tell me how to make my hair look like yours??? In the German pants pictures. I love it!

  2. YES!!!! I will try and show you my ways hahaha