Monday, August 6, 2012

Down on Main Street

This was on the wall of a old time bike shop we went browsing through.
Bikes were approx. $1000 so a little (a lot)  out of my price range
but they had some of the cutest bike decorations I have ever seen.
Wine hunting for the perfect bottle to open later that night 

Seems strange but Dietch's Brothers has the cutest bathroom you have ever
seen with quotes covering all the walls.  Here is just one quote I like in particular  

Shirt: Macy's, Pants: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Macy (red flats) Target (brown), Purse: Thrifted 

This past weekend my mom, brother, and I went to Findlay, the town over and visited the downtown area.  It is filled with cute shops with oldage character and architecture.  My brother is headed back to college this week to get ready for his upcoming football season.  It was great to spend time with both him and my mom since it seems like I am either sitting in class, or working.  I have already expressed my love for ice cream but seriously this ice cream bar pictured above is a step above all the rest.  It is homemade milk chocolate coating with toffee pieces and Dietch's Brothers ice cream underneath (an incredibly well known ice ceam place in the Findlay area).  I could double fist these ice cream bars easily, but I don't because I am a lady;)    

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  1. Best ice cream bars, hands down! Worth the trip for those alone!