Monday, August 13, 2012

College 101

The gang hanging out in the bedding section

Classic shirt

Just getting the necessary supplies to survive freshman year of college

A trip to Sam's Club is always a must, they have
 samples and all bulk items what is not to love honestly

Ahhh it is that time of year when everyone is getting antsy to head back to school. Well that stud muffin (my brother, bad joke?) is preparing for his freshman year of college.  I am so proud of him and am excited to see how he grows into an even better man than he is currently while he is away at school.  It is going to be so strange to be the only child at home since I am staying in my hometown to do my student teaching before I graduate this December.  Normally there is always another sibling to confide in or laugh with but now that will only happen when someone comes home for a weekend.  It will be an adjustment, but it will make me look forward to when my brothers and sister come to visit.  So this Sunday I found myself completely indulging in helping my brother get all the essentials he needs for living the dorm life and I think we covered all the basics.  Cheers to a new school year! 

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