Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Turf Club, Findlay Market, ohh and FOOD

This past weekend I headed to Cincinnati where my sister lives, to see her and my cousin who was also visiting.  Whenever we are all together we jam pack our days with so many activities that we are literally immobile by the end of the day from being so drained.  We also eat a lot.  When I say a lot you probably think oh I can relate, but I feel we take it to a whole new level.  We are snacking people by nature, but when we are together literally there is not a bag goodies that is not polished off.  I had so many different foods this past weekend that I am pretty sure my stomach could not handle the variety (actually positive it could not handle it.  I had the pinchies aka a stomach ache. Thanks Sarah!)  Cincinnati has so many quaint cafes, squares, and markets that draw me in every time I am there.  I love supporting the locals at farmers markets, food trucks, and quirky diners off the beaten path (name dropping: Terry's Turf Club, Findlay Market, Hyde Park Farmers Market, Coffee Emporium, and Pompilio's). Cincinnati also has some fabulous bridges, (I love bridges!) we walked across the Purple People Bridge this past weekend, which gives you a great view of the city and the Ohio river, and a fabulous, semi chilled breeze in the hot weather.  I fall more in love with the city each time I visit, so until next time Cincinnati, keep it classy.   

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