Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nothing like a white tee


Shirt: Hanes cotton white tee, Pants: New York & Company, Shoes: Walmart,
Purse: Vera Bradley, Necklace: My own creation

Is there anything better than rocking a plain tee? I think not.  The comfort level is like a ten and it is the simplest way to wear bold jewelry but not have too much going on with the outfit as a whole.  The blank canvas you have to work has endless possibilities. 

Side note I am taking this summer science class about the earth and rocks etc.  I find myself sitting in the class and am quite fascinated by what the teacher is teaching.   The teacher will pose questions to the class like "What is the beginning of a stream called? and "How do we know a river is in the Youth stage or Old Age stage of its life?" People on all sides of me just spit out the correct answers like it is cake.  I just sit with my jaw hanging open.  How can they possibly know this information? It is not common knowledge that's for sure.                

 *Fun Fact* All geologist use the word stream for any type of water that moves (using the word river is looked down upon...Dang my whole life I have been misguided.)

P.S I do not want to think about the awkward moment that would have happened if the person living in that apartment walked out while I was taking photos outside.  I dodged a real bullet there.

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