Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lots of earrings

Rain drop: Found in Tennessee at a road side antique shop , Loop: local fair, Turquoise stud: Found in Tennessee at a local shop,  Triangle: Thrifted locally 
Umbrella: Found in Tennessee at a road side antique shop, Feather: Found at a town square market in Germany, Green stud: tattoo shop, Triangle: Thifted  locally

I kind of have this thing for unique earrings.  As you can tell I have quite a few holes in my head.  The more unique the earrings the better.  I find a lot of my earrings at thrift stores and little local shops (farmers markets and craft fairs are great places to look).  I always try to look for sterling silver because I leave in all of my earrings when I sleep except for the one in my actual ear lobes.  I like to have fun with the earrings that I wear.  Having people ask me where I find them and notice such a small detail in my appearance makes me want to do a happy dance because each earring I wear has some type of back story.  

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