Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday

1.) I have to deal with all this delish candy taunting me everyday at work.  I am only human so obvi I cave and make myself a little concoction every now and then.  Reese is my favorite it makes all ice cream better.  

2.) In between my summer class and work I go to the reservoir and run it instead of wasting gas and going all the way back home.  At first it was a challenge to myself because I do not like running and did not think I could run around all 3.3 miles of it without stopping but I proved myself wrong.  BEST. FEELING. EVER.

3.) I miss that pretty brown-headed girl in the picture below! Thank god I get to visit my sister next weekend.  She da best.

4.) I miss views like this.  I went to both Germany and Prague for the month of May and absolutely had the time of my life.  Here is just one of the many pictures I took.  This is in Old Town Prague from the top of the town hall building.  

5.) The London Olympic start in 14 days and I am BEYOND excited (HUGE fan!).  It will be the best two weeks filled with so much American pride and I will most likely be yelling and crying while watching the TV at intense moments.  Team USA!


  1. Wow - if I had all that candy around me all the time it wouldn't last!

    Prague looks beautiful!!!! I'm dying to go there someday!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by! Prague is definitely a bucket list item. I will be posting more pictures about my trip soon :)

  3. Everything looks beautiful! And that's awesome you ran the way :) Good for you.

    Elise @

  4. Thank you! It took a lot of motivation to run it haha but once you do it you feel like a million bucks! Thanks for stopping by :)