Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY toenails

Flashy toenails are what the summer was meant for.  I do not go anywhere with bare toenails not even in the winter because the bare toenail look is NOT for me.  So I always like a fun polish and possibly a design to draw some attention to the fun that is happening on my toes.  Here is an easy way to make your toes look just as great as the outfit you are rocking.

1.) Supplies you will need: Bright Polish

Orange: Sally Hansen-Sun kissed, Yellow: Sally Hansen- Lightening,
Red: OPI- Cajun Shrimp, Green: Sally Hansen- Green with envy, S
parkle: Pure Ice- Beeware

2. Freshly polished toenails 

3.) Take mechanical pencil and the polish color brush of your choice and get a drop of nail color on the tip of the mechanical pencil. Use as many colors as you would like.  I used 4.  

4.) Use the mechanical pencil to create a curved line across your toe, and continue the same technique with the rest of the colors.  

5.) Put a strip going the opposite direction in the color of your choice

6. ) Show the world.

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